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BCAA After - Aktivon Sport

BCAA After

Branched-chain Amino Acids/ Vitamin C/ Vitamin B6
BCAA After 1
BCAA After

Aktivon Sport BCAA After is formulated with: leucine, isoleucine and valine, which are branched chain amino acids (BCAA). They take part mainly in the reactions taking place in  muscles and energy metabolism. These amino acids are of exceptional importance because skeletal muscles use them directly as a source of energy and support of the proteins’ synthesis.


Why 3 types?

BCAAs are similar in structure but differ in how they are metabolized. Leucine only goes to fats, carbohydrates to carbohydrates and isoleucine to fats and carbohydrates. BCAA belong to the exogenous amino acids, which are the ones that the body itself cannot synthesize and must supplement them together with food. They represent almost 40% of the human muscle mass, and are therefore one of the most abundant amino acids in this tissue.




accelerates muscle repair and growth, reduces fatigue and muscle weakness, and supports regeneration. In addition, the BCAA can be used as an alternative energy source when muscle glycogen is depleted. Because of all this, supplementation can limit the loss of these amino acids from the muscles, which directly contributes to the increase in energy available in the muscles.

The most commonly used BCAA dose are portions ranging from 7 to 20 g – hence, the assumption that 10 g of BCAA per day is the optimal amount for the body. The amino acid effect of AktivonSport BCAA After is amplified by the addition of vitamin B6, which is involved in the metabolism of amino acids, facilitates their decomposition, metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, enables energy storage, contributes to the formation of enzymes, hormones, hemoglobin and prostaglandins. It affects blood pressure, muscle contractions, heart function and proper functioning of the nervous system.


Supplement Facts

Serving size

4 caps

4 caps

(% Daily Value)


1100 mg


550 mg


540 mg

Vitamin C

400 mg

500 %

Vitamin B6

11,2 mg

800 %

Recommended Serving:

4 capsules per day – optimally 2 capsules per 30 minutes before training, 2 capsules immediately after training.


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