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L-carnitine EXTREME Shot - Aktivon Sport

L-carnitine EXTREME Shot

Increased body capacity
L-carnitine EXTREME Shot 1
L-carnitine EXTREME Shot 2
L-carnitine EXTREME Shot
Price: 3.99 zł

Aktivon Sport L-Carnitine Extreme Shot is designed for people actively engaged in various sports disciplines, both recreational and professional. Aktivon Sport L-Carnitine Extreme Shot contains L-carnitine, which is an organic compound of betaine construction. In the body it is synthesized in the liver, kidney and brain. It occurs quite abundantly in the muscles.


L-carnitine is the key element of the final stage of the decomposition of fats. It transports free fatty acids to their final oxidation sites, which are carried out in cellular energy centers – mitochondria. This process provides tremendous amounts of energy, which significantly increases the body’s exercise capacity.

The effective management of the intracellular oxidation of free fatty acids ensures that they will not be stored again in the form of triglycerides, increasing the volume of adipose tissue again. L-carnitine also facilitates the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.



Supplement Facts

Serving size

One serving

(60 ml)


3 g

Recommended Serving:

1 serving – i.e. 1 bottle (60 ml) for physical activity, depending on individual needs. Suggested use before training. Do not exceed 1 serving (60 ml) per day.

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