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Vitamin Complex 24 tabl. - Aktivon Sport

Vitamin Complex 24 tabl.

Energy and strength for the physically active!
Vitamin Complex 24  tabl. 1
Vitamin Complex 24 tabl.
Price: 13.99 zł

Aktivon Sport Vitamin Complex

Energy and strength for the physically active!

Aktivon Sport Vitamin Complex is a rich set of vitamins and minerals necessary for every sportsperson.


Physical activity increases the need for vitamins and minerals. Ensuring their availability is of particular importance in the so-called “periprocedural period”, when the intensity of metabolism associated with energy production is very high.


Vitamin B derivatives take the role of coenzyme in biochemical reactions. Vitamins C and E have antioxidant properties and help to get rid of excess free radicals.


Supplement Facts

Content of active substances and vitamins in recommended daily serving – 1 tablet (% Daily Value): 


Folic acid

Pantothenic acid

Niacin (equivalent to niacin)

Thiamine (vitamin B1)

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B6

Riboflavin (vitamin B2)

Vitamin C

Vitamin E (equivalent to alpha-tocopherol)

Ginseng extract

(Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer)

50 mcg

200 mcg

6 mg

16 mg

1,1 mg

2,5 mcg  

1,4 mg   

1,4 mg   

80 mg    

12 mg    


100 mg



(100%)  (100%)    (100%)    (100%)

(100%)  (100%)     (100%)     (100%)      (100%)



Składniki: 1 tabletka (% RWS)    
Magnez 56,25mg (15%) Miedź 1mg(100%)
Tauryna 20mg Witamina A 800μg RE (100%)
Niacyna 16mg NE (100%) Kwas foliowy 200μg (100%)
Żelazo 14mg (100%) Jod 15oμg (100%)
Witamina E 12mg a-TE (100%) Witamina K 75μg (100%)
Kwas pantotenowy 6mg (100%) Selen 55μg (100%)
Cynk 5mg (50%) Biotyna 50μg (100%)
Mangan 2mg (100%) Molibden 50μg (100%)
Ryboflawina 1,4mg (100%) Chrom 40μg (100%)
Witamina B6 1,4mg (100%) Witamina D 5μg (100%)
Tiamina 1,1mg (100%)    

RWS – Referencyjne Wartości Spożycia

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